Technology enabled performance transformation

Our technology enabled transformations address high impact touchpoints such as enterprise planning software, large scale process automation and digitization. In our engagements, we ensure that our implementation is closely aligned with use case delivery and relentless focus to drive material impact and acceleration of growth.

From the hull to the mast

Full scale transformations

We at ADM Northfield ensure there is an enterprise spanning and technology enabled transformation built on tried and tested transformation-execution methodology and extended by supporting full digital portfolios; large scale, cross functional collaboration, core technology-stack upgrading and technology capabilities building.

This is a sure method to extract maximum potential from new technologies with measurable productivity and capital efficiency.

Strategic transformation

Chess not checkers

To maximize and sustain shareholder value creation we must make the right moves not just at the right time but all the time.

Our rapid, objective, unaffiliated and independent perspective is anchored in the trends, disruptions and dynamics that shape our clients’ industries, therefore enabling us to spot trends before they do. We also deeply examine operating model changes required to unlock value. We achieve this using a comprehensive study of the client and their industry while using our corporate-strategy diagnostic to identify and address major value creation levers.



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