Data Center Engineer Fundamentals

ADS – 100

Data Center Engineer Fundamentals program by ADM Data Systems is the world’s only vendor agnostic training program designed to transform any learner into a skilled, competent and most importantly an industry ready data center engineer.



ADM Data Systems certified candidates can work in any environment because it is the only vendor-neutral certification covering the major server platforms. It is the only industry certification that covers the latest server technologies including virtualization, security and network-attached storage.

ADM Data Systems validates the skills necessary to be a server administrator. The learning milestones are as follows –


Module 1 : Basic Server Hardware

Duration : 8 hours

•  Features of BIOS
•  UEFI, the new BIOS
•  Booting process; Windows and Linux
•  Server components and hardware troubleshooting
•  Processor, Memory, HDD, SSD and NVME

Module 2 : Networking

Duration : 8 hours

• Networking protocols
• Switch configuration
• OSI model
• IPv4 and IPv6

Module 3 : Operating System

Duration : 8 hours

• Linux operating system flavors
• Drivers
• OS Hardware interaction
• Firmware
• Kernel

Module 4 : Storage

Duration : 8 hours

• Introduction to Storage Area Network
• Exploring SAN,NAS AND DAS
• Fiber Channel
• FCOE protocol
• ISCSI protocol
• Storage boxes and arrays
• Logical Unit Number
• Switch Zoning
• Boot from SAN

Module 5 : Virtualization

Duration : 8 hours

• Introduction to hypervisor(s)
• Hyper-V, KVM and V-Center
• Cloning and snapshot
• Back-up and Disaster Recovery
• Multipathing and DRS concepts
• V-Motion and Stateless basics

Module 6 : Testing

Duration : 8 hours

• Role of a test engineer
• Manual testing concepts
• Types of testing
• Practical test bed setup
• Testing methodologies

Industry use case

Data is growing faster in massive stages than ever before. New data is created every second by big data analytics, mobile devices, and social applications. At the rate which data has increased, businesses of all sizes are faced with challenges like capacity growth, performance impact, and day-to-day management to maintain and retain the accuracy of data in either the data centers or the cloud.

ADM Data Systems offers a robust and cognitive solution of storage systems designed to analyze massive amounts of data. ADM Data Systems Storage solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and software defined storage. More importantly, they provide product solutions that connect data across any architecture that help businesses to face challenges head on while reducing total cost of ownership.

This fundamental course covers basic elements of storage concepts and storage solutions, RAID technology, and connectivity. This course covers the concept of high availability and business continuity planning for disaster recovery and discusses the concept of storage virtualization and its many benefits.

This course also highlights the ADM Data Systems Storage system solutions that includes disks, flash systems, tape systems, SAN switches and the ADM Data Systems Spectrum Storage software for accessing and managing data storage on premise and off-premise cloud storage.

Program details


Level :             Basic to intermediate

Duration :       40 hours

Mode :            Instructor led live web training (Microsoft Teams)

Pricing:           $650

Prerequisite : None

Related :         Infrastructure Architect ADS – 200

Lab :                Available


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