Application Development

Optimize asset lifecycle

The front and center move to decrease cost of ownership

A truly successful application development project is the one in which the application becomes invisible to the experience. Applications must aid and abet the business process and not draw limitations to it.

One of the founding principles at ADM Northfield is that technology must follow business and not the other way around. Therefore, no matter what your business objectives are we will talior-make and source the best tehnology experts to handle the requirement. As a result, adopting this approach will be paramount in providing a robust ROI and justifying IT investments.

Applications as drivers of transformations

DevOps driven application development for enterprise agility

High speed application development which are industrialized for automation, IPs, open-source, low-code, no-code principles and third party technology stacks. We employ our product-centric approach leveraging our rich domain expertise to achieve faster time-to-value and develop tailored, industry specific solutions.


Focus on microservices

Identify potential applications for microservices adoption

ADM Northfield generally advices customers to refactor legacy applications so that the data and frequently used functions can be extracted using APIs and microservices. These APIs enable seemless integration and data/worflow transformation across applications. Thus guaranteeing speed to market and enterprise agility through flexible application architecture and a configuration driven approach.


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